We made dry camp last night
above the llano.

Sam here smelled more Apaches,
nuzzled me up.

So I thought I'd put some miles between us.
But why? We're at peace with the Apache.
- We have a treaty.
- Yes, ma'am.

Now I got to get me a new horse,
borrow or buy one.

I can pay you in United States script.
I'm riding a dispatch for General Crook.

- My name's Lane.
- I'm Mrs. Lowe.

I'm Johnny.
- The water sure looks inviting.
- Well, help yourself.

Watch out for that dog, son.
Could you hire me or sell me a horse,
Mrs. Lowe?

Of course. I've only got plow horses,
and two that are only half-broken.

The hand that was breaking them for me
got hurt and had to go to town.

- You mean you're staying here alone?
- Oh, no.

No, my husband is up in the hills...
- working some cattle.
- Oh.

He would pick today to be away,
when we have a visitor.

I'd enjoy meeting him, ma'am.
I wouldn't touch that dog, son.
He don't take to petting.

And now if you'll allow, ma'am,
I'll take a look at those horses.

Of course.
You'll find a saddle over by the barn.

In the meantime, I'll fix you something
to eat. I imagine you're hungry.

I could eat. Thank you.
I'm so sorry my husband had to pick today
to go hunting those lost calves.