I wouldn't touch that dog, son.
He don't take to petting.

And now if you'll allow, ma'am,
I'll take a look at those horses.

Of course.
You'll find a saddle over by the barn.

In the meantime, I'll fix you something
to eat. I imagine you're hungry.

I could eat. Thank you.
I'm so sorry my husband had to pick today
to go hunting those lost calves.

He would have enjoyed
having a man to talk to.

We welcome visitors.
Must be right lonely around here.
Especially for a woman.

I don't mind. I was raised here.
- What can I feed your dog?
- Nothing, thanks.

He makes out by himself.
Can outrun any rabbit in the territory.

It's no trouble at all.
If you don't mind, ma'am,
I'd rather you didn't feed him.

I see. You don't want him to get in the habit
of taking food from anyone else.

Well, you can hand it to him.
No, ma'am, I don't feed him, either.
Sam's independent.

He doesn't need anybody.
I want him to stay that way.

It's a good way.
- Everyone needs someone.
- Yes, ma'am. Most everyone.

Too bad, isn't it?
- You're a good cook, ma'am.
- Thank you.

A woman should be a good cook.
Good cook myself.