You chose the most savage one.
I won't give you an argument there.
He's always been a fighter.
I wouldn't give a plugged nickel
for a horse that wouldn't fight.

It lets you down when the going gets tough.
It's a little dull.
Well, I can do almost everything
around a ranch, but I never could...

put an edge on an axe.
Where is it?
- What?
- The grindstone.

This ranch looks like it's been here
a little while.

Yes, I was born here.
My husband was raised here, too.

He's an orphan. His parents got killed
in a wagon-train massacre...

so my father took him in.
- Handy.
- What do you mean?

Well, it seems the figures are against it.
Only young fellow in 1,000 square miles...
only young girl in 1,000 square miles.
They get in a whirl over each other.
That's what I meant. Handy.

I guess it was quite a coincidence.
But they say that the right two people are
going to meet by an arrangement of destiny.

You believe that, Mrs. Lowe?
- Yes, I do.
- Interesting.

Always sink a blade into a log, son.
Keeps the edge clean.

Well, I guess I'd better quit stalling
and get back to that horse.

And can I play with Sam now?
I've told you twice not to.
But you do what you wanna do.
Really, Mr. Lane, if you knew
the dog would bite, I should think...

Mrs. Lowe, people learn by getting bit.
Youngster just learned.