They get in a whirl over each other.
That's what I meant. Handy.

I guess it was quite a coincidence.
But they say that the right two people are
going to meet by an arrangement of destiny.

You believe that, Mrs. Lowe?
- Yes, I do.
- Interesting.

Always sink a blade into a log, son.
Keeps the edge clean.

Well, I guess I'd better quit stalling
and get back to that horse.

And can I play with Sam now?
I've told you twice not to.
But you do what you wanna do.
Really, Mr. Lane, if you knew
the dog would bite, I should think...

Mrs. Lowe, people learn by getting bit.
Youngster just learned.

Don't you ever touch that dog again!
Now go in and take your nap.

While I'm at it, I'll shoe those plow horses.
Thank you very much.
They do need a shoeing, I guess.

They do.
I guess my husband's having a hard time
finding those strayed calves.

I guess he is.