It would be uncivilized
to let anyone sleep outside...

and after all, we are civilized, aren't we?
Speaking for you, of course. But me?
I guess you could call me civilized.
That's your bed.
I'm sorry it has to be on the floor.

I have to set the batter for the morning.
I hope the noise won't disturb you.

It won't.
Good night, ma'am.
Put that gun down.
You're Hondo Lane, the gunman.
- I carry a gun.
- Don't come any nearer.

You killed three men in a gunfight last year.
- We heard about it. Three men.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Just as quick as I could.
- Don't come any nearer.

It's not a very good idea
to point one of these things at anybody...

with an empty chamber under the firing pin.
You can see it plain as day.
I keep it that way because of Johnny.
Well, now it's loaded.
Keep it that way, and keep it high.
Please stay. I really want you to.
I'm sorry. I should have realized from
the beginning that you are a gentleman.

Civilized? Gentleman?