- I carry a gun.
- Don't come any nearer.

You killed three men in a gunfight last year.
- We heard about it. Three men.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Just as quick as I could.
- Don't come any nearer.

It's not a very good idea
to point one of these things at anybody...

with an empty chamber under the firing pin.
You can see it plain as day.
I keep it that way because of Johnny.
Well, now it's loaded.
Keep it that way, and keep it high.
Please stay. I really want you to.
I'm sorry. I should have realized from
the beginning that you are a gentleman.

Civilized? Gentleman?
Well, a lot for one day.
Night, ma'am.
Morning. Getting an early start.
Be sure and tell that little man
goodbye for me.

I ought to wake him to say goodbye to you.
Was it me, I'd let him sleep.
Youngsters grow sleeping,
but you do what you want to.

He was so delighted with that whistle
you made for him.

Glad to hear it. He and I got along just fine.
It's more like a flute than a whistle.
It ranges almost the full scale.

I learned to make them when I was
living with the Mescalero.

My squaw used to make them
for every kid in the lodge.