- More coffee?
- No, thanks.

- What are you gonna do?
- Gonna fix up your shirt.

Not before I show you something.
- Did Ed give you this?
- I took it off his body.

He's dead.
Tried to tell you before.
Funny, I'm not surprised.
Perhaps because I knew all along,
just wouldn't admit it to myself.

- Hi, Emberato, you didn't die, did you?
- Hello, Johnny.

Be careful.
I wanna show you something, Emberato.
My Indian emblem.

Vittorio gave it to me, didn't he, Mom?
- He's taken a great liking to Johnny.
- Probably saved your life and mine.

Indians place great value on male children.
They also place a great value on dying well.
Did Ed die well?
I keep it under my pillow.
He died well.
When Johnny's old enough,
when he has to be told...

it will make him proud.
Here it is, Emberato. I'm a chief now.
Isn't it wonderful?

- Isn't it?
- Yes, Johnny.