Indians place great value on male children.
They also place a great value on dying well.
Did Ed die well?
I keep it under my pillow.
He died well.
When Johnny's old enough,
when he has to be told...

it will make him proud.
Here it is, Emberato. I'm a chief now.
Isn't it wonderful?

- Isn't it?
- Yes, Johnny.

- Where's your mother?
- Picking watercress.

- Any luck?
- Not a bite this morning.

See where the sun is?
- Up there.
- Yeah, on the back of your neck.

You're casting a shadow.
If you can see it, the fish can see it.
Always fish with the sun in your face.
The other bank's the place.

- That is, if you want my opinion.
- Gosh, Emberato, I want your opinion.

But Mama won't let me go over there.
- Why not?
- I can't swim.

- You can't what?
- I can't swim.

- How old are you?
- Six.

- Help him, he can't swim.
- Time he learned. Everybody should swim.

Just reach out in front of you
and grab a handful of water.