It Came from Outer Space

This is Sand Rock, Arizona,

on a late evening
in early spring.

It's a nice town,
knowing its past...

and sure
ofits future,

as it makes ready for the night
and the predictable morning.

The desert blankets
the earth, cooling,

resting for the fight
with tomorrow's sun.

And in my house
near the town,

we're also sure
ofthe future,

so very sure.
[ Clock Chiming ]
Hmm, 12:00 sharp.
Trying to get rid of me ?.
'Cause if you are,
it won't do you any good.

Well, I wouldn't
want people to talk.

Let them.
They do it anyway.

You know, I think it must be
my money that impresses you.
What money ?.

Well, I got
a check today.
Oh,Johnny !

You sold another article.
Got enough to finish
the outside of the house.

All the comforts
of home.

To think of the time
I wasted living in the city.
It's nice out here.

Question is, would you keep
this up if we were married ?.

Course not,
soon as I got your name
on the marriage certificate,