It Came from Outer Space

resting for the fight
with tomorrow's sun.

And in my house
near the town,

we're also sure
ofthe future,

so very sure.
[ Clock Chiming ]
Hmm, 12:00 sharp.
Trying to get rid of me ?.
'Cause if you are,
it won't do you any good.

Well, I wouldn't
want people to talk.

Let them.
They do it anyway.

You know, I think it must be
my money that impresses you.
What money ?.

Well, I got
a check today.
Oh,Johnny !

You sold another article.
Got enough to finish
the outside of the house.

All the comforts
of home.

To think of the time
I wasted living in the city.
It's nice out here.

Question is, would you keep
this up if we were married ?.

Course not,
soon as I got your name
on the marriage certificate,

I wouldn't have
to do it anymore.

Let's go see what
the stars have to say.

I already know
your horoscope.

You know who the stars say
a man born under your sign
should marry ?.

No. Who ?.
Me !. I'm a Scorpio.

A Scorpio always gets along
well with a Sagittarius.

Really ?.
Mm-hmm !

What else do they say ?.
Oh, a Sagittarius
is philosophical,

very positive
and has a blithe,
happy-go-lucky manner,

Would starve if someone
didn't come along to make
him a meal occasionally.