It Came from Outer Space

I wouldn't have
to do it anymore.

Let's go see what
the stars have to say.

I already know
your horoscope.

You know who the stars say
a man born under your sign
should marry ?.

No. Who ?.
Me !. I'm a Scorpio.

A Scorpio always gets along
well with a Sagittarius.

Really ?.
Mm-hmm !

What else do they say ?.
Oh, a Sagittarius
is philosophical,

very positive
and has a blithe,
happy-go-lucky manner,

Would starve if someone
didn't come along to make
him a meal occasionally.

And is quite helpless
in certain situations.

Come here.
Look at my stars.

Tell me if they say
whether a Sagittarius
could support a Scorpio ?.

"Starlight, star bright,
first star I've seen tonight,

"I wish I may,
I wish I might,

have the wish
I wish tonight."

have the wish
I wish tonight."