It Came from Outer Space

You know Ellen.
Yeah, I know Ellen, also knew
her father. I was his deputy.

I mean to keep an eye on her.
Trouble is, she keeps trailin' afteryou.

See this town doesn't
understand you pokin' around
out here in the desert,

squintin' up
at the stars, and now
you come up with this story.

This town !
The reason I came out
here to the desert...

was to try and get away
from that kind of thinking.

you frighten 'em.

And what frightens 'em
they're against,
one way or another.

Look, Matt,
I'm frightened too.

You want to
destroy yourself,
that's your lookout.

But leave Ellen alone.
She needs her job.

Come on, Miss Fields,
give us a story.
Smile, please, Miss Fields.

Joe, get it, will ya ?.
What about this monster
you ran into last night ?.

Come on, fellows, stop
bothering her, will ya ?.

We're just checkin'
your story.
What are ya tryin' to prove ?.

That's what I was gonna askyou.
Maybe getting publicity
for a new bookyou're writing ?.

John !
Don't get sore, Putnam.
You're news now.

Okay, Putnam, just
tryin' to get a story.

Snell agrees with the
sheriff and the sheriff
agrees with the others.

I'm crazy.
Oh, I know. Matt was at me
before he found you.

A teacher has responsibilities
to the community.

I just wish we had found one
of them, that's all.

Just one little monster to toss
into the principal's bedroom.

[Man On Radio ]
An occasion to make
the soul tremble.

Thankyou, sir. This is
your local announcer again.

Here's Major Benson
ofthe United States Army
to give us his view.