It Came from Outer Space

John !
Don't get sore, Putnam.
You're news now.

Okay, Putnam, just
tryin' to get a story.

Snell agrees with the
sheriff and the sheriff
agrees with the others.

I'm crazy.
Oh, I know. Matt was at me
before he found you.

A teacher has responsibilities
to the community.

I just wish we had found one
of them, that's all.

Just one little monster to toss
into the principal's bedroom.

[Man On Radio ]
An occasion to make
the soul tremble.

Thankyou, sir. This is
your local announcer again.

Here's Major Benson
ofthe United States Army
to give us his view.

Major, will the Army attempt
to dig underneath the crater ?

[ Major Benson ]
Uh, probably not.

Major, how do you feel
about the report...

that a spaceship
is buried there ?

[ Benson Chuckling ]
Ifthere is, it'll have to wait
until we can get around to it.

Then the army isn 't
afraid of any invaders ?

[ Benson ]
Not ifthey're buried under
hundreds oftons of--

Look !
- Seems like it'll reach out.
- Hmm.