It Came from Outer Space

Major, will the Army attempt
to dig underneath the crater ?

[ Major Benson ]
Uh, probably not.

Major, how do you feel
about the report...

that a spaceship
is buried there ?

[ Benson Chuckling ]
Ifthere is, it'll have to wait
until we can get around to it.

Then the army isn 't
afraid of any invaders ?

[ Benson ]
Not ifthey're buried under
hundreds oftons of--

Look !
- Seems like it'll reach out.
- Hmm.

It's alive.
And yet it looks
so dead out there.

Oh, no, it's alive
and waiting for you.

Ready to kill you
ifyou go too far.

The sun will get you,
or the cold at night.

A thousand ways
the desert can kill.

Where are you ?.
What do you look like ?
What am I supposed to be
looking for ?