It Came from Outer Space

I know you're out there,
hiding in the desert.

Maybe I'm looking right at you
and don't even see you.

Come on out !
Why, John !

[ Horn Honking ]
Hiya, Frank, George.
Well, where'd
you two come from ?.

Why aren't you
at the crater ?.
I don't like
the show they're puttin' on.

Hear they got you goin',
John. Ridin' you, boy ?.

They're tryin' to.
I read the morning papers.
Don't let 'em ride you too much.

Have you two seen anything
unusual this morning ?.

You mean like
another meteor ?.
No, I don't mean like a meteor.

No, we ain't seen nothin',
have we, Frank ?.

[ George ]
Have we, Frank ?
What ?.

I said, we haven't seen
nothin', have we ?
No, I haven't seen anything.

But I'm sure
hearin' things.

Yeah ?.
What kind of things ?.
Well, I don't know.

Darnedest noise ever.
Never heard it on
the wires before.

You've been out in the sun
all morning.
No, it's not the sun !

Mind if I give a listen ?.
Sure ! Put him
on the ladder, George.

You're the boss.
Here, listen.
Ya hear it ?.

Any idea what it is ?.

I don't know.
Might be somebody up that way
tapping the wires or...

back that way
listening to us like
we're listening to him.

I wonder who it is.
I don't know.

Afteryou've been
working out on the desert
1 5 years like I have,