It Came from Outer Space

I said, we haven't seen
nothin', have we ?
No, I haven't seen anything.

But I'm sure
hearin' things.

Yeah ?.
What kind of things ?.
Well, I don't know.

Darnedest noise ever.
Never heard it on
the wires before.

You've been out in the sun
all morning.
No, it's not the sun !

Mind if I give a listen ?.
Sure ! Put him
on the ladder, George.

You're the boss.
Here, listen.
Ya hear it ?.

Any idea what it is ?.

I don't know.
Might be somebody up that way
tapping the wires or...

back that way
listening to us like
we're listening to him.

I wonder who it is.
I don't know.

Afteryou've been
working out on the desert
1 5 years like I have,

hear a lot of things,
see a lot of things too.

Sun in the sky and the heat.

All that sand out there
with the rivers and lakes
that aren't real at all.

And sometimes you think that
the wind gets in the wires
and hums and listens and talks.

Just like what we're hearing
now. Still hear it ?.

No, it's gone.
Well, that's the way
it is.

Comes and goes.
Had enough ?.

Me too.

Well, what do you
make of it ?.
I'm not sure yet.

I wish I could
figure it out.

Why don't we drive up
the line a ways and
take a squint ?.

Anything you say, boss.
We'll have a look
up the other way.
find anything, let us know.

Be glad to !