It Came from Outer Space

[Frank ]
We don't want to hurt anyone.

What haveyou done
with them ?
Your friends are alive.

- They will not be harmed
ifyou do as we say.
- What are we supposed to do ?.

Give us time.
Time, or terrible things
will happen.

Things so terrible
you have yet to dream of them.

Ain't old Tom back
with that grub yet ?.

I sure am gettin'
powerful hungry.
Ain't seen him yet.

It ain't to my likin' neither,
haulin' grub at this time
of the night.

Come on, mule.
Sam and Toby'll be hungry !

[ Whinnying ]
Why, you crazy mule !

That you, Tom ?.

What's goin' on in there ?.
Well, the way
to tell is take a look.

That's just this
poor old tunnel.
Needs more proppin' up.

Like a man, it gets old.
Needs proppin' up.

Wouldn't have needed it
if that meteor hadn't stuck its
nose smack in that lower level.