It Came from Outer Space

I sure am gettin'
powerful hungry.
Ain't seen him yet.

It ain't to my likin' neither,
haulin' grub at this time
of the night.

Come on, mule.
Sam and Toby'll be hungry !

[ Whinnying ]
Why, you crazy mule !

That you, Tom ?.

What's goin' on in there ?.
Well, the way
to tell is take a look.

That's just this
poor old tunnel.
Needs more proppin' up.

Like a man, it gets old.
Needs proppin' up.

Wouldn't have needed it
if that meteor hadn't stuck its
nose smack in that lower level.

We best check it
in the mornin'.

That must be Tom now.
Well, it took him
long enough.

That you, Tom ?.
[Radio Announcer] No one
hasyet turned up any bug-eyed
monsters threatening Earth...

and so it must be set down
as another one ofthose
fantastic hoaxes,

this one by a young
publicity-seeking astronomer.

Of course, ifhe should
turn up a spaceman or two,

this network cordially invites
them to address us one and all.

And now for some
last-minute news.

## [ Bi g Band ]
[ Music Stops ]
I was trying to help.
What do we do now ?.