It Came from Outer Space

Nothing. We wait.
We sit and we wait...

and we trust...
them to make it
clear for us, or--

Uh... come on,
I'll take you home.

You've got nothing to blame
yourself about,John.
What else could you do ?.

But, Ellen, are we right
in just, just sitting by ?.

We are right,
and we're not crazy !

And ifwe've been seeing things,
it's because we did see them !

[Doorbell Buzzing]
[ Screaming ]
Evening, Miss Fields.
What's the idea, Perry ?.
to see Johnny.
Yeah ?.

What're you made up for ?.
I'm a spaceman
out of the crater.

Says foryou to get
over there right away.
Okay, okay.

[ Zapping ]
See you.

You know Frank's wife,
Mrs. Daylon ?.

Of course.
How do you do ?.

And Miss, Miss Dean,
a friend of George's.

Mrs. Daylon, tell John
here what you told me.

Well, the minute he came home, I
knew there was something wrong--
[ Sobbing ]

Seems Frank took off
under peculiar circumstances.

He came home and told her
he was assigned to some sort of
special job overnight and left.

Something's wrong, I know it !
He was so pale.

He had the queerest
look in his eyes,
and he nevertouched his food.

Same for George. His landlady
told me he skipped dinner.

And that ain't like George,
not with his appetite.

Mr. Putnam, the sheriff
says that you saw both
of them this afternoon.

Did they say anything
about going anywhere tonight ?.