It Came from Outer Space

Now does that make sense ?.
It might.

Suppose they wanted
electrical equipment. That
truck was loaded with it.

As a matter of fact,
things have been happening
around here this evening.

The hardware store
was broken into.

They're missing
a coil of copper wire
and some metal parts.

Nothing else taken
but electrical equipment.
There you are !

[ Telephone Ringing]
Yeah ?. Yeah,
this is Sheriff Warren.

No, the last I saw
of Dr. Snell and his assistant
they were out at the crater.

Well, you let me know ifyou
hear anything. IfI hear
anything, I'll give you a ring.

What about Dr. Snell ?.
Would they have
any use for him ?.

They mi ght. He's
an astronomer. Why ?.

That was his secretary calling.
Haven't seen him
or his assistant.

Last I saw of them, they were
out on the desert workin' alone.

Let's go.
Well, they're not around here
and it's a cinch they just
didn't leave without their car.

I'd give anything if things were
the way they were this mornin'
with me callin' you a fool.

Is it reasonable
for anything to stay alive
after hitting Earth that hard ?.

It's reasonable
because it's true.

Believin' all this talk
about takin' over
other people's forms !

That's crazy, I tell ya !
Nothin' would ever add up !

I couldn't even be sure
that you're John Putnam
standing beside me.