It Came from Outer Space

Let's go.
Well, they're not around here
and it's a cinch they just
didn't leave without their car.

I'd give anything if things were
the way they were this mornin'
with me callin' you a fool.

Is it reasonable
for anything to stay alive
after hitting Earth that hard ?.

It's reasonable
because it's true.

Believin' all this talk
about takin' over
other people's forms !

That's crazy, I tell ya !
Nothin' would ever add up !

I couldn't even be sure
that you're John Putnam
standing beside me.

That's right, you couldn't.
Wouldn't it be a fine trick
if I weren't really
John Putnam at all ?.

Something from anotherworld
come here to give you
a lot of false leads.

[Horn Honking,
Tires Skidding]