Vitelloni, I

Our town's boardwalk.
Our last summer party:
The election of Miss Mermaid 1953.

Nice crowd, no?
Visitors, tourists,
and a Roman actress as judge.

Everybody's here.
And, of course, we're here too...
the guys...

This is Alberto.
This is Leopoldo, the intellectual.
And here's Moraldo,
the youngest in our crowd.

Look at the lightning.
It's beautiful.

The tenor's Riccardo. As always,
this is pretty much his night.

And here's Fausto,
our leader and spiritual guide.

Do you believe me now?
Do you think I'm that stupid?
Give me my shoe.

I will, but give me a kiss.
- Let go.
- Give me a kiss.

I said let go.
- Don't be so coy.
- Let me go, you jerk!

The nerve!
Listen, you goose,
you promised me...

- Promised you what?
- That before you left...

You're so gullible.
People promise a lot of things.

Think what you promised Sandra.
- Sandra who? You're hallucinating.

So now you don't even know her?
That's rich.