Vitelloni, I

The check, Mr. Alberto.
- Everyone's leaving.
- At least pay your share.

- Introduce me to Lilia Landi.
- Not right now!

There she is. Please.
Miss Landi, meet one of
our most esteemed citizens,

playwright Leopoldo Vannucci.
- Delighted.

Most honored.
I've followed your career closely.

He's also our resident poet.
It's beautiful outside,
like the end of the world.

Congratulations, Sandra,
Mrs. Rubini.

Now you'll be in the movies.
I want you to meet my little girl.
My God! Moraldo!
- What's wrong, Mama?
- Come here! Your sister's sick!

- Excuse me, please.
- Get a doctor, quickly!

Mama, calm down. It's nothing.
Is there a doctor around?

Yeah... Mancinelli!
Here I am. What's happened?
Step aside! Let me by!

Doctor, my little girl...
Here I am. What's happened?
Get out of the way!
Let me through!

It's nothing!
She just needs some air.