Vitelloni, I

With four of five votes,
Miss Mermaid 1953 is

Miss Sandra Rubini.
My little girl! Just think,
you didn't even want to enter.

Your little sister won!
Go, dear, go.
Miss Mermaid 1953!
She's really excited.
Ladies and gentlemen,
here from Rome is film star Lilia Landi.

She will now place the sash
of Miss Mermaid 1953

on our very own beauty queen.
Party's over.
A few words for the fans.
- I...
- Wonderful! She said "l"!

Look! It's lightning!
- I didn't want to compete...
- It's just a passing shower.

The party'll continue.
It's just a little...

The check, Mr. Alberto.
- Everyone's leaving.
- At least pay your share.

- Introduce me to Lilia Landi.
- Not right now!

There she is. Please.
Miss Landi, meet one of
our most esteemed citizens,

playwright Leopoldo Vannucci.
- Delighted.

Most honored.
I've followed your career closely.

He's also our resident poet.
It's beautiful outside,
like the end of the world.

Congratulations, Sandra,
Mrs. Rubini.