Vitelloni, I

Nothing. I'm taking a job.
Aren't you satisfied?

What sort of job?
With a company.
They're reliable people.

By the way, can you lend me
5,000 lire for the train?

I'll pay you back
when I get there.

You punk. What did you do?
What did you do?
Nothing. I just got a job.
Don't you believe me?
I'm catching the 1:00 train.

I'll see who it is.
Hello, Mr. Francesco.
How are you?

Hi, Moraldo. Come in.
Come on in.
Sit down.
Excuse us, Papa. Okay?
Some downpour, no?
Summer's over - too bad.

- You only have one left.
- Never mind. I don't want it.

It'll rain for days.
Depressing, huh?
- So you're going?
- Yeah, I'm splitting.

- Will you be gone long?
- I don't know... depends.

And Sandra?
She's Miss Mermaid now.
She must be happy.

Sandra's expecting.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm splitting.
I'd like to do the right thing,
but how can I?

I'm broke, like you.
That's why I'm going to Milan.

I wanna do something with my life.
Just till I get on my feet.
Don't you believe me?

I didn't say a word.
Look, we understand each other.
I really love Sandra.

I'll swear by whatever you want,
by my own mother. I really love her.