Vitelloni, I

You can talk all you like,
but he's in Rome and we're stuck

in this dirty little rat hole.
They make a nice couple, though.
Nice couple?
She's a pretty girl,
but not Fausto, with that face!
He's tall and well built.
- And he has a decent voice.
- Big deal.

We all have voices.
Didn't you have any inkling
about Fausto and your sister?

To be straight about it,
Fausto was a real cad.

He's a scoundrel.
- I wouldn't go that far.

He's a passionate creature,
driven by animal instincts.

What are you talking about?
You think you're writing a play?

Fausto's just a horny...
It's as if one of you went with my sister.

Now there's an idea!
Alberto, leave her alone.
Bastards, you oughta be in bed!
What's left for us to do?
Another day has come to an end.
Nothing to do but go home, as usual.

Alberto lives
with his mama and sister,

and he knows that
Mama waits up until he gets in.

Alberto's home.