Vitelloni, I

Alberto, leave her alone.
Bastards, you oughta be in bed!
What's left for us to do?
Another day has come to an end.
Nothing to do but go home, as usual.

Alberto lives
with his mama and sister,

and he knows that
Mama waits up until he gets in.

Alberto's home.
Riccardo, as usual,
stares at his growing gut.

Helluva time to walk in,
you little punk!

'Night, Papa. 'Night, Mama.
After eating the meal
his aunts have left for him,

Leopoldo prepares to work
on his new play.

He puts on his favorite
record, Fly the Night

and sits at his table.
Removing the cap of his pen,
he draws a triangle

and watches his characters
parade across the ceiling.