Vitelloni, I

Giulia, see what's happened
back there.

I apologize.
Look at the craftsmanship.

- What happened?
- They fell.

Please, I'll take care of it.
I'm sorry.

- Well?
- Just paying you back.

Carnival is over.
You should always wear
what you did last night.

Hand me the receipts in that drawer.
Which drawer?
That drawer under the counter.
- The receipts you requested.
- Thank you.

What are you doing?
I got no sleep last night.

I waltzed with you
in my dreams, all night long.

- Put away these books, please.
- Give me a hand.

Never mind. I'll do it myself.
How passionate! Last night
I realized you're a real woman.

You must be drunk!
Yes, drunk with you,
your flesh, your scent.

Enough! Stop this right now!