Vitelloni, I

- Good morning.
- See what that lady wants.

- What lady?
- That lady. Over there.

Hello. May I help you?
Two candles,
the kind I bought last year.

I wasn't here last year.
She wants the same candles
she bought last year.

So get them for her.
They're in the stockroom.

Excuse me.
Did you enjoy yourself last night?
Try to get here earlier.
It's 11:00. We open at 9:00.

My friend's sister ran away.
Someone runs away every night.
You always have an excuse.

- And I have a toothache.
- Get to work.

Giulia, see what's happened
back there.

I apologize.
Look at the craftsmanship.

- What happened?
- They fell.

Please, I'll take care of it.
I'm sorry.

- Well?
- Just paying you back.

Carnival is over.
You should always wear
what you did last night.