Elephant Walk

I've decided to continue my inspection
of the house alone.

- May I have the keys?
- There's no need for keys, mistress.

All doors are open.
All but one. May I have the key?
I am sorry, mistress.
It is the old master's study you refer to.
I cannot give you the key to that room.
Is there anything else?
That will be all.
Ruth, where are you?
Hello, darling. I just got in.
- Carver's called in for a farewell drink.
- Hello.

- Come down and charm us, will you?
- I'll try.

I've been looking forward
to this drink since 3:00.

I'm feeling the heat since I got back.
That's one thing I won't miss
when I leave here: that afternoon sun.

Dick, there's a refreshing sight.
- That makes a drink almost unnecessary.
- Steady now, man, don't go too far.

- Letters? Is that what you've been doing?
- Just this afternoon.

I see. Complaining about me already.
"Dear Mother,
I married the most dreadful man."

Of course!
- Drink, darling?
- No, thank you.

Know why I don't write letters?
You write, they answer,
you answer their answer...

they answer your answer, and so on...
Stop teasing and tell me how to post these.
Give them to Appuhamy. He's going
to Colombo at the end of the week.

- I'll be glad to mail them for you.
- Yes. Give them to Dick.

- Thank you. That's fine.
- He's leaving tonight.

- Darling, tell us about your day.
- There's nothing much to tell, really.

- It's just kitchen talk.
- We don't mind.

I thought you were going to work
with Appuhamy. Did you?

- Yes, I did.
- How did it go?