Elephant Walk

Old Lop-Ear and company.
It's all right now. They're under control.
- Hello, John.
- There you are.

Don't I get a kiss now
that I'm all spruced up?

Sit with me for a minute.
I was riding this afternoon with Dick Carver.
- We ran into elephants...
- Yes, I heard them.

Just as well Dick was with you.
Ruth, forgive me...
for barking at you like that.
I've missed you.
John, I'm tired, and messy.
Let me clean up.
Yes, of course.
You watch this.
- Crutches.
- Darling, do be careful.

The old place looks good. I've missed it.
Come on. That wasn't very good.
How do you manage these?
Darling, don't you think
you should sit down?

- Yes. Appuhamy.
- Master.

Sit up.
There you are.
Darling, how can I ever thank you
for all you've done in the past few weeks?

I've been spoiled before,
but never so beautifully.

I haven't finished spoiling you.
I have a wonderful idea.

What is it?
The cruise boat comes into Ceylon
on Saturday.

Why don't we get on it and go to Gibraltar,
then fly back?

- I'm sorry, darling.
- John, it would be so good for you.

It would be good for both of us.
I've asked Dr. Pereira already.

It's a wonderful idea,
but you know I can't leave now.

Besides I'd have to put off the surprise
I have for you.

- Surprise?
- Yes. Next weekend.

That's why I had to get up
and get this leg right.

- Tell me what it is.
- Not a chance. It's a surprise.