Elephant Walk

You watch this.
- Crutches.
- Darling, do be careful.

The old place looks good. I've missed it.
Come on. That wasn't very good.
How do you manage these?
Darling, don't you think
you should sit down?

- Yes. Appuhamy.
- Master.

Sit up.
There you are.
Darling, how can I ever thank you
for all you've done in the past few weeks?

I've been spoiled before,
but never so beautifully.

I haven't finished spoiling you.
I have a wonderful idea.

What is it?
The cruise boat comes into Ceylon
on Saturday.

Why don't we get on it and go to Gibraltar,
then fly back?

- I'm sorry, darling.
- John, it would be so good for you.

It would be good for both of us.
I've asked Dr. Pereira already.

It's a wonderful idea,
but you know I can't leave now.

Besides I'd have to put off the surprise
I have for you.

- Surprise?
- Yes. Next weekend.

That's why I had to get up
and get this leg right.

- Tell me what it is.
- Not a chance. It's a surprise.

- John, what is it?
- I told you I had a little surprise for you.

Oh, darling.
- Where are they from?
- Most are professionals from Kandy.

The rest are gypsies from the villages.