On the Waterfront

Charley, you count them.
The banana boat is 46 tomorrow.
lf we pull a walkout,
it might be a few bucks from the shippers.

-Them bananas go bad in a hurry.
-Ask $2,000.

Clowns can't fight.
There's nobody tough anymore.
Hi, slugger.
Hi, kid.
Where's Morgan?
Where's that big banker of mine?

Right here, Mr. Friendly.
-Hi, JP, how's business?
-Having trouble with Kelly again, boss.

He won't take no loans
and Big Mac puts him to work anyway.

-He's my wife's nephew.
-He won't take no loans!

I got to put him to work.
She'd murder me!

That's why I never got married.
Here's the interest on the day, boss. $532.
You count it.
Counting makes me sleepy.
You handle that sheet metal all right?
lt was easy. The new checker faked
the receipt. Here.

You want to talk to me,
take the cigar out of your mouth.

-Stow the receipt. I'll take the cash.

-Here you are, 45 bills.
-Terry, you count this.

Come on, go on, it's good for you.
-lt develops your mind.
-What mind?

Shut up. I like the kid.
Remember the night
he took Farella at St. Nick's, Charley?

We won a bundle. Real tough. A big try.
I lost the count.
Okay, forget it, Einstein.
How come you never got an education
like your brother Charley?

The only arithmetic he ever got
was hearing the referee count up to 10.

You're not too funny today, Fat Man.
Hey, what gives
with our boy tonight, Charley?

He isn't himself.
lt's the Joey Doyle thing
and how he exaggerates the thing.

Too much Marquis of Queensbury
softens him up.

Listen, I'm a soft touch, too.
Ask any rummy on the dock...

...if I'm not good for a fin any time
they put the arm on me.

But my old lady raised us 10 kids
on a stinking watchman's pension.