On the Waterfront

-Stow the receipt. I'll take the cash.

-Here you are, 45 bills.
-Terry, you count this.

Come on, go on, it's good for you.
-lt develops your mind.
-What mind?

Shut up. I like the kid.
Remember the night
he took Farella at St. Nick's, Charley?

We won a bundle. Real tough. A big try.
I lost the count.
Okay, forget it, Einstein.
How come you never got an education
like your brother Charley?

The only arithmetic he ever got
was hearing the referee count up to 10.

You're not too funny today, Fat Man.
Hey, what gives
with our boy tonight, Charley?

He isn't himself.
lt's the Joey Doyle thing
and how he exaggerates the thing.

Too much Marquis of Queensbury
softens him up.

Listen, I'm a soft touch, too.
Ask any rummy on the dock...

...if I'm not good for a fin any time
they put the arm on me.

But my old lady raised us 10 kids
on a stinking watchman's pension.

When I was 16,
I had to beg for work in the hold.

I didn't work my way up
out of there for nothing.

I know that, Johnny, I know it.
Taking over this local took a little doing.
There were rough fellas in the way.
They gave me this to remember them by.

He kept his hand over his throat
to stay alive and he still went after them.

I know what's eating you.
I got 2,000 dues-paying members in
this local, that's $72,000 a year legitimate.

When each one of them puts in
a couple of bucks a day just to make sure...

...the work's steady, well, figure it out.
That's just for openers.
We've got the fattest piers
in the fattest harbour in the world.

Everything moves in and out,
we take our cut.

Why shouldn't we?
lf we can get it, we're entitled to it.

You don't suppose I can afford to be
boxed out of a deal like this, do you?

A deal I sweated and bled for, on account
of one lousy little cheese-eater...

...that Doyle bum, who thinks he can
squeal to the crime commission. Do you?