On the Waterfront

Hey, Pop, why don't you go home?
The boys at work today
will be chipping in gladly.

No thanks, fellas, I'm gonna shape.
-Who do you think'll pay for the funeral?
-Johnny Friendly, the ''great labour leader.''

Why don't you keep that big mouth
of yours shut?

What are you, a wise guy?
lf I was wise, I wouldn't be
no longshoreman for 30 years.

I'm poorer now than when I started.
-Wise guy.
-Big mouth.

Don't mess with those guys.
I brought you Joey's windbreaker.
lt might come in handy.

-Go ahead, wear it.
-Thanks, Pop.

Mine's more full of holes
than the Pittsburgh infield.

Hey, Joe, I got a coat for you.
Do you know Terry Malloy?
No, I don't. Never heard of him.
You're Terry Malloy, aren't you?
So what?
Didn't I see you fight
a couple of years ago?

Without the birdseed, what do you want?
Waterfront Crime Commission.
What's that?

I just want to ask you a few questions.
We'll hold public hearings
on waterfront crime...

...and underworld infiltration
of longshore unions.

-I don't know nothing.
-You haven't heard the questions yet.

-What did you say?
-You heard me.

There's a rumour that you're one of
the last people to see Joey Doyle alive.

I don't know nothing.
Nobody's accusing you of anything,
Mr. Malloy.

I hope you understand that.
Just want to ask you some questions
about some people you may know.

-People I may know.
-That's right.

-You better get out of here, buster!
-Slow down, boy.

I don't know nothing, I ain't seen nothing,
and I'm not saying nothing.