On the Waterfront

What are you doing up there on the roof?
Just looking.
Take a look at the champion flock
of the neighbourhood.

Fly pretty nice, huh?
Golden Warriors?
Yeah. I founded the Golden Warriors.
Might say that I was
the original Golden Warrior.

This bum here is my shadow.
He thinks I'm a tough man
because I boxed pro a lot.

Joey used to raise pigeons.
Joey used to raise pigeons.
Yeah, he had a few birds.
I've been taking care of them.
I wouldn't have thought
you'd be so interested in pigeons.

I just go for it.
You know this city is full of hawks?
That's a fact.
They hang around on top of the big hotels.

They spot a pigeon in the park,
right down on them.

You got a second?