On the Waterfront

Yeah. I founded the Golden Warriors.
Might say that I was
the original Golden Warrior.

This bum here is my shadow.
He thinks I'm a tough man
because I boxed pro a lot.

Joey used to raise pigeons.
Joey used to raise pigeons.
Yeah, he had a few birds.
I've been taking care of them.
I wouldn't have thought
you'd be so interested in pigeons.

I just go for it.
You know this city is full of hawks?
That's a fact.
They hang around on top of the big hotels.

They spot a pigeon in the park,
right down on them.

You got a second?
I want to show you something.
What do you think of that fellow?
She's a beauty.
She's a he. His name is Swifty.
Look what he went and did.
He's my lead bird. He's always on
top of the perch. lf another bum tries...

...to come along and take his place,
he really lets him have it.

Even pigeons aren't peaceful.
There's one thing about them,
they're very faithful.

They get married just like people.
They stay that way until one of them dies.
That's nice.