On the Waterfront

...with the crime commission,
and he done all the talking.

Dugan, what does he know?
Just 39 pages of our operation, that's all.
Where'd you get that?
-I got it.
-The complete works of Timothy J. Dugan.

I knew he had the guts, but I never--
Guts! Why, that crummy pigeon.
He ought to have his neck wrung!

That's what we get for mixing
with this punch-drunk brother of yours.

He was good for laughs,
but this is business.

I don't like anyone goofing off
in my business.

-I wasn't--
-Why are you going around with his sister?

Just shut up!
lt's just the Doyle broad,
she's got him so he doesn't...

...know where his feet is anymore.
lt's an unhealthy relationship.
-Get rid of her...

...unless you're both tired of living.
-You got her address?

We've got to do something
to muzzle Dugan...

...or he'll raise the biggest stink
this town's ever seen.

We got the best muscle on the waterfront.
The time to use it is now.
Pronto, if not sooner.

You know where you're going? Back in
the hold. No more cushy job in the loft.

lt's down in the hold with the sweat gang
till you learn your lesson.

Let's go.
Wise up!
Come on, you're all right. Let's do it.