On the Waterfront

We got the best muscle on the waterfront.
The time to use it is now.
Pronto, if not sooner.

You know where you're going? Back in
the hold. No more cushy job in the loft.

lt's down in the hold with the sweat gang
till you learn your lesson.

Let's go.
Wise up!
Come on, you're all right. Let's do it.
At last an lrish shipment.
And loaded to the gunnels
with fine lrish whiskey.

You see, Kayo,
the good Lord takes care of us all the time.

-That he does.
-Come on out, Kayo, get it up.

All right, take it up. Take it away.
And don't go walking off with any of that!
You know how the boss feels
about individual pilferage.

All right, all right.
Now you see the advantage
of a little man in a big coat.

-Let me see you a minute afterwards.
-What're you here for?

To see that we don't steal
any of Mr. Friendly's precious cargo?

-I want to talk to you.
-Get away from me, will you?

All right. Take it up. Take it away.
Kayo, you're a walking distillery.