On the Waterfront

Watch it!
Get a doctor!
He don't need a doctor. He needs a priest.
I came down here to keep a promise.
I gave Kayo my word
that if he stood up to the Mob...

...I'd stand up with him all the way.
And now Kayo Dugan is dead.
He was one of those fellows
who had the gift for standing up.

This time they fixed him.
They fixed him for good this time,
unless it was an accident...

...like Big Mac says.
Some people think the Crucifixion
only took place on Calvary.

They better wise up.
Taking Joey Doyle's life to stop him
from testifying is a crucifixion.

Dropping a sling on Kayo Dugan...
...because he was ready
to spill his guts tomorrow...

...that's a crucifixion.
Every time the mob
puts the crusher on a good man...

...tries to stop him from doing his duty
as a citizen, it's a crucifixion.

And anybody who sits around
and lets it happen...

...keeps silent about something he knows
has happened, shares the guilt of it...

...just as much as the Roman soldier...
...who pierced the flesh of Our Lord
to see if He was dead.

Go back to your church, Father.
Boys, this is my church.
lf you don't think Christ is down here
on the waterfront...

...you've got another guess coming!
Get off this dock, Father!
Tillio, don't do that.
-Whose side are you on, boy?
-Let him finish.

Every morning...