Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

That's about 10 pounds.
- How much is beaver worth this year?
- Six dollars a pound.

I'll trade you for a new plow...
...two tubs of lard,
a barrel of molasses...

...25 pounds of chewing tobacco.
And you wouldn't have a wife under the
counter? I'm looking for a wife.

- Any special brand?
- Well, yes.

I like a widow woman
that ain't afraid to work.

There's me and my six brothers.
Place is like a pigsty,
and the food tastes worse.

So I made up my mind. The next time
I come into town, I'll get a wife.

That's a fine thing, I must say!
Thinking you could trade for a wife
like a bag of meal.

No, ma'am.
I wouldn't say that, ma'am.

None of our gals is going to go off
to bear country with you...

:02:44 cook and wash and slave
for seven slumocky backwoodsmen!

There's 10 men
for every woman out here.

You want a wife,
go back east.

There's no unmarried females
in this town?

Good morning, Mrs. Bixby.