Vera Cruz

Better make it a long one, Pedro,
cos you ain't ever gonna play another!

Hold it!
Get those children outta here.
Yeah, sure... Always did like kids.
How about you, General?

Donnegan! Pittsburgh!
Get those kids inside.

Come on, kids.
Hurry up! Pronto!
All right, Joe!
The two inside will not stop us.
Nor will 200.

No, but they can stop a lot of kids
from growin' up, amigo.

- Donnegan!
- Just say the word, Joe!

You want those kids to live,
get your men up that hill.

We'll leave then, not before.
Wars are not won by killing children.
Hasta la vista, seƱores.
l give you my word we will meet again.
Donnegan! Pittsburgh!
Turn the kids loose.

Fascinating man, your friend...
and a brilliant bluff about those children.

Or was it a bluff?
They're still alive, aren't they?
- Where's this palace of Max's?
- Mexico City. We'll be there by nightfall.

Let's ride.