Vera Cruz

Hasta la vista, señores.
l give you my word we will meet again.
Donnegan! Pittsburgh!
Turn the kids loose.

Fascinating man, your friend...
and a brilliant bluff about those children.

Or was it a bluff?
They're still alive, aren't they?
- Where's this palace of Max's?
- Mexico City. We'll be there by nightfall.

Let's ride.
lf this blue coat don't rile you,
Mr Trane, l'd like to ride along.

Can you think of a better man?
He won the war, didn't he?

- Suit yourself.
- The man's crazy about you.

Move along.
- My wallet!
- To you, señor, it is free.

lt is useless to look for it now. ln Mexico,
a thief disappears like a puff of smoke.

lt's only cowhide, Ben.
Max'll buy you another.

lt wasn't the wallet,
it's the sentiment. l had $1 2 in it!