Vera Cruz

lf this blue coat don't rile you,
Mr Trane, l'd like to ride along.

Can you think of a better man?
He won the war, didn't he?

- Suit yourself.
- The man's crazy about you.

Move along.
- My wallet!
- To you, seƱor, it is free.

lt is useless to look for it now. ln Mexico,
a thief disappears like a puff of smoke.

lt's only cowhide, Ben.
Max'll buy you another.

lt wasn't the wallet,
it's the sentiment. l had $1 2 in it!

- Old Max sure knows how to live.
- The fanciest lodge hall l ever seen!

- Hey, come on down here!
- What's at this end?

Aren't you going to join us, monsieur?
- The emperor built quite a palace.
- You know its history?

We had books in the South...
And one or two homes that once
might have stood beside all this.

There's nothin' ever destroyed
that can't be rebuilt.

Perhaps... if a man
wants to badly enough.