Vera Cruz

Tex, get aboard that wagon.
Well... that old Southern charm.
Draws 'em like bees to honey, eh, Ben?

She snaked that wagon outta there
just like a mule skinner.

- Mount up, Ballad.
- l just wanted to get to Vera Cruz.

Just for the ride to Vera Cruz?
You did a favour for me once.
ls it too much to expect another?
That was a nice new dress you're wearin'.
You wouldn't turn her down, would ya?
lt'd break her heart.

Captain Danette informed me of your
heroics. My compliments, mademoiselle.

We want an explanation
of your presence here.

Ain't you heard?
We just picked up a passenger.

Such decisions are up to the marquis.
l wish you a pleasant journey to Vera
Cruz. lt's time we were starting again.

Mount the caravan!
- Thank you, seƱor.
- Forward!

Kinda cosy, ain't it, Ben?
Now we both got girls.

You just can't do
enough for me, can you?

Why not? You're the first friend l ever had.