Vera Cruz

- Thank you, seƱor.
- Forward!

Kinda cosy, ain't it, Ben?
Now we both got girls.

You just can't do
enough for me, can you?

Why not? You're the first friend l ever had.
- That's the fifth one we've seen today.
- Sixth. l bet these hills are full of 'em.

lt's a cinch
they ain't gonna wait much longer.

Hey, you! Wake up!
Keep your eyes on the road!

Your concern for the safety of the
carriage is most gratifying, monsieur.

Protecting the countess
is what l'm here for.

ls that all? l like to think
you're here to protect the wagons,

the supplies, the horses...
to say nothing of myself.

That marquis has too many teeth
in that crocodile smile. l don't like it.