Vera Cruz

Where is it?
lf you believe that, señor,
why did you let me come with you?

- Hand it over.
- Have you looked for it lately?

Of course, it is empty.
$1 2!
Picking pockets is a habit hard to break.
Why are you so anxious
to get to Vera Cruz?

For me, it is not wise
to stay too long in one place.

And in Vera Cruz there are
many people... and many pockets.

And many dresses.
They say that a thief in Mexico today
can disappear like a puff of smoke.

- ls that true?
- You can see smoke disappear.

Suppose l wanted to get to
Vera Cruz alone... Could l do it?

lt's possible, señor.
But why?
A man named Ace Hanna used to say:
''lt never hurts to have an ace in the hole.''

We would go together?
You never can tell.
l'm just liable to get that filled for ya.
- Henri?
- Yes?

l should like to stop here.
Las Palmas is famous for its fiestas.