Vera Cruz

But why?
A man named Ace Hanna used to say:
''lt never hurts to have an ace in the hole.''

We would go together?
You never can tell.
l'm just liable to get that filled for ya.
- Henri?
- Yes?

l should like to stop here.
Las Palmas is famous for its fiestas.

Of course. And you must be tired.
Continue with your dancing!
l enjoy seeing our people happy.

- We halt here.
- But we could push on to the next town.

This will make it difficult
to reach Vera Cruz tomorrow.

lt is the countess's wish.
l do not intend to disappoint her.

l will see the mayor provides us
with food and quarters.

Food only. Quarters will not be necessary.
You see, it is here that
the countess intends to betray us.

Halt the caravan.