Battle Cry

What seems to be your problem?
Well, sir, that picture
on the bulletin board out there...

:30:06's a dead ringer for my girl.
Hookens, of course.
Colonel Huxley called me from Foxton.
He said you'd be around.
He also said that girl's too good for you.

- I won't argue that, sir.
- Looks like I've been blackmailed.

The colonel said if I didn't get you two
hitched without this red tape...

...he'd take his battalion
to Father McHale.

Everything's been arranged.
Three-day passes for your squad.

Man in the loan office
said just sign there.

You've got orders from the colonel
to get to Wellington on the double.

- Yes, sir!
- Okay.

Thank you, sir.
- Blood brother.
- Thanks.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please wait a minute.

A Marine toast to Pat and Andy.
Come on, let's go!
Come on, boy!

It was a wonderful wedding
and a wonderful party.

And a terrible headache
the next morning.

Two days later we were ordered
to break camp and board ship.

Wait a minute.
- Mac wants you on a work detail.
- Take the detail.

Don't blow your top.
Who do you think you are?

This outfit's been knocking
itself out for you...

:31:48 up liberty
so you could get ashore.

- Remind me to send them medals.
- What's the matter? Are you yellow?

- Want me to break you in half?
- Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I've been living with letters
for 13 months.