Lady and the Tramp

Oh, come on now, fellas.
Oh, you haven't fallen
for that old line now, have ya?

Aye, and we've no need for mongrels
and their radical ideas.

- Off with ya, now!
Off with ya! Off with ya!
- Okay, Sandy.

- The name's Jock.
- Okay, Jock.

- Heather Lad O' Glencairn to you!
- Okay, okay, okay!

But remember this, pigeon.
A human heart...

has only so much room
for love and affection.

When a baby moves in...
the dog moves out.
Now, let's see.
That'll be about...

Oh, well.
There isn't any way we can tell...

for sure what it's going to be,
is there?

I'm afraid not.
Nobody ever knows for certain.
All we can do is hope.
Darling, are you sure
you want watermelon?

Mm-hmm. Oh, and some chop suey, too.
Chop suey?
Oh, all right, darling.
That darling booty.
- And that bonnet!
- Isn't it just too adorable!

- Don't you just love showers?
- Darling, I've never seen you
look more beautiful.

- Isn't she absolutely radiant?
- Radiant?

Why, that's just what I told Bill
yesterday. "Bill," I said...